2020 Mid-Atlantic Rally (MAR)

Wheatland Farm, Giles County Virginia


(Registration is now closed!)

Dates: October 1 - 4, 2020

Location: 100 Hoges Orchard Ln, Pembroke, VA 24136

(37°18'50.8"N 80°35'07.8"W)


  • All registrations will take place before the start of the event during the online registration window.  There will be no on-site registrations this year to reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction between MAR volunteers and participants. Online registration closes on September 19th.

  • To prevent overcrowding and to promote safe distancing, we are limiting the number of groups that will camp in each area of “MAR Meadows”. You will be able to select the area that you would like to camp as part of the registration process. Space is limited in each area and available on a first come first serve basis. (Click the map above to see a larger view of the camping areas.)

  • The registration fee is $170.  This restructuring of the registration fee includes your 2021 annual membership fees for ROAV, 1 campsite reservation, 1 truck, 1 t-shirt, and 1 person. There is an additional $50 registration fee for each additional person (adult or child). There is a max of 4 people per campsite. Included in the registration fee is a donation to the Giles County Senior Welfare Check. This program is designed to provide a means to communicate with the citizens of Giles County who are most vulnerable to potential impacts from COVID-19. Our donation is a way that the ROAV can give back to the community that supports our event each year.

  • The maximum capacity for the event is 250 registered participants.  

  • Each registered truck is required to have a window sticker clearly visible on the front windshield. 

  • Wristbands will be issued and worn during the event to ensure that participants are properly counted and screened.  

Please make sure you read "The Rules" before registering.



  • No one will be admitted into the event without a COVID-19 symptom screening, temperature check, and inspection of all required registration materials. Those that are exhibiting flu-like symptoms or that have a temperature higher than 100.3oF will not be admitted. (Daily temperature checks will be taken at registration or trail line up.)

  • There will be extra porta-potties and hygiene stations at the event.  Porta-potties will receive a cleaning service during the event for sanitation.  Please ensure proper social distancing when utilizing these facilities.  Proper hand washing and wearing masks ensure that these necessities remain safe for all participants.  

  • Registrants are required to sign an expanded waiver stating that they have read and understand all event regulations put into place regarding COVID-19 and safety in general.  


  • Cancellations with full refunds will be accepted until Saturday, September 23.  No refunds will be given after this date, but registration packets with t-shirts will be mailed to each registrant.  

  • Any registered participant who arrives and is turned away from the event on their first day due to symptoms of illness will receive a 50% refund.  Refunds will be made after the event.  



  • Face masks are to be worn anytime participants are visiting other campsites, riding with other participants who are not members of their own party, and when you cannot ensure 6 feet of space between themselves and other participants.  

  • Face masks will be worn when interacting at the registration tent, trail meetings, trail recoveries, inside porta-potties, and any other activity that does not allow for 6 feet of outdoor space between participants.  

  • Any INDOOR activities in public spaces require masks to be properly worn for the duration of the activity. This specifically includes all local fuel stations and other local businesses.

  • A cloth face mask will be included as part of your registration packet. You are encouraged to bring your own and extras in case yours gets muddy.

  • You are not required to wear a face mask while inside your own vehicle or with your own party in your camping area.


There will be trails available for all skill levels.


  • Beginner / Stock Trucks (over 8 miles of fire roads)

  • Intermediate / Modified Trucks

  • Intermediate to Advanced / Modified Trucks

  • Remember – TREAD LIGHTLY


All trail rides will be guided. (We are seeking volunteers to be guides!)


We are pleased to announce that the property manager will again allow us to travel through the lower fields across the street from the rally camp area to gain improved access to the trails. This negates the need to drive the 7 miles to the top of the mountain and enter there like we have done in years past. The lower fields will be stocked with cows and as a condition of this access, we must have guides escort trucks. Please remain with the group guides and be respectful of the property owner and his livestock to ensure that we are able to hold future events here.

Finally, ROAV is not responsible for the safety or vehicle recovery of any attendee that sneaks off without a guide and finds themselves all alone and in a tough spot. 



The main event for the 2020 MAR is the "Welcome Home" of the Oxford Rover from its Sea-To-Shining-Sea overland adventure. (see details)

Keep an eye on our event schedule page to see updates for other displays or competitions as we get confirmation from our sponsors.


Primitive camping is available onsite. You must reserve your spot when you register in order to prevent overcrowding in certain areas and to promote social distancing. Tents and campers are all allowed. The short road in to the rally area may not be friendly to over-sized rigs (large RV’s or 5th wheel trailers) but standard sized campers should have no problem. Flat ground is at a premium, so please plan ahead and bring plenty of leveling blocks.


There are no electricity or plumbing facilities. Port-a-Loos will be provided.


There is access to a hose bib that is attached to a natural spring. This was used in the past to supply drinking water for livestock. The water source has not been tested by health authorities but locals drink the water – and so does Bob Steele – if that is any measure of suitability.


Generators are allowed. Rally participants should remember to be courteous with generators and mindful of the noise. We ask that all generators be shut down by 11:00pm.


Hotel accommodations can be found nearby at Mountain Lake Hotel or at any of the various hotels in Blacksburg, VA. Rally participants are on their own if they wish to secure a hotel room and these costs are not included in the cost of registration. You are encouraged to book early. (Virginia Tech is scheduled to play Duke away in Durham, NC the weekend of MAR.)



  • There will be no communal dinner this year.  Participants are on their own for all meals and encouraged to use social distancing.  

  • There will be no “Big Top” tent with tables and chairs. We are discouraging large and close gathering of rally participants.



  • Each registration gets one short sleeve t-shirt include with your registration.

  • Extra t-shirts are available for purchase for $20.

  • Please note that after September 23rd, t-shirts quantities will be limited and we may not have a large availability in all sizes for sale at the event.



  • Campfires are allowed at each campsite. There is some firewood available onsite. Please bring axes or mauls for splitting wood. 

  • Check in with Rally Control to stay informed on current fire conditions.

  • Please clean up fire areas when you are done to allow for the mowing of the field for next year.



Raffle tickets will be sold on-line, only. The format of the raffle is still being worked out but we are already getting some great items in from our sponsors such as;

  • Jaguar / Land Rover North America

  • Sarek Autowerke

  • Rovers North

  • Lucky 8

  • Atlantic British

  • Alloy & Grit

  • Series Defender Outfitters

  • Hi-Lift Jack

  • Mountain Khaki

  • RoverGuy

  • (more)



Pets are allowed. Please remember to be courteous and safe with your pets and keep them leashed at all times.


Follow this link to learn more about the area that hosts the MAR.

MAR Trail Prep

  • July 24-26

  • Aug 7-9

  • Aug 28-30 or Sep 4-7

All trail prep will take place at MAR Meadows (100 Hoges Orchard Lane). There will be primitive camping available for those that wish to stay overnight. Please make sure you are healthy and have taken suitable pandemic precautions to include appropriate face coverings when necessary and social distancing.


Please bring chain saws, loppers, metal blade weed whackers and any other trail clearings tools you have in the shed. If we can get enough help, we hope to create a new long trail along the edge of the property to give us an additional loop.

Camp Layout.JPG

Click the image of map above to see a larger version.

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