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We are Seeking Volunteers

To help put on a great event, we need great volunteers.

Trail Leaders: This is one of our largest requirements to host a great event. We need enough trail guides to have enough groups so we can break up into the right number and skill level of drivers and vehicles.

To be a Trail Guide, we ask that you attend at least one work weekend so you can pre-run the trails and become familiar with them. We also ask that you commit to leading a group on at least two trail rides and participate in drivers' meetings. As a reward for your effort, we are providing 10 free raffle tickets and a special trail guide t-shirt. Also, at the Saturday night dinner, we will conduct a vote to determine who was the best trail guide and award them a special prize (think Uber Feedback).

Trail guides should have solid driving and recovery skills and a truck that matches the trail that they wish to guide. All trail guides will be approved by the ROAV Club President and all rulings are final.

RTV Course: Each year, Rovers North sponsors the very popular RTV course. This event requires numerous judges and a few folks to help set up the canes. This is easy and fun work and usually only requires some time on Saturday afternoon. Volunteers for this effort will also get 5 free raffle tickets.

Blind Man Course: We are adding a new event to this years MAR. This Blind Man course will need a few folks to help set up and judge. This event should be a lot of fun and it will also be on Saturday afternoon. Volunteers for this effort will also get 5 free raffle tickets.

Registration: We are always in need of folks to help staff our registration table. This is an easy task and is usually 2 hours blocks starting on Thursday through Saturday morning. This should not interfere with trail time as registration will be closed while trucks are out on the trails. Volunteers for this effort will also get 5 free raffle tickets.

If you are interested and able to volunteer for any of these tasks then please reach out to me at

Thanks and we are looking forward to a great 2017 MAR!!!

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