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Oxford Repairs - 2020


  • Replaced rear main crank seal

  • Replaced clutch disk


  • Repair stuck thermostat / leaking thermostat housing

  • Installed wire winch cable

March -June

  • Sat broke in New Jersey waiting on parts during initial COVID lock down restrictions.


  • Replace head gasket

  • Lap exhaust valves

  • Replace intake manifold (cracked)

  • Replace all 4 pistons (cracked)

  • Install new rod and crank bearings

  • Install new piston rings

  • Machine / replace thermostat housing

  • Repair / adjust four-wheel drive shift linkage

  • Replace exhaust pipe (mid, muffler, and rear pipe)

  • Replace clutch pressure plate

  • Replace starter

  • Repair generator

  • Replace battery (used)


  • Repair brake master cylinder

  • Rebuild rear brake wheel cylinders (both sides)

  • Replace rear brake shoes (both sides)

  • Replace front brake wheel cylinder

  • Replace front brake drum

  • Replace steering relay

  • Replace steering column and upper box

  • Repair / replace rear axles bearings

  • Replace rear axle seals

  • Repair spotlight (broken wire / install grommets / fuse)

  • Install door bumper on front wing

  • Replace fuel pump

  • Replace drive shafts and u-joints (front and rear)

  • Replace mid exhaust pipe with correct part

  • Replace broken left wing mirror

  • Replace rear lower shock absorber bushings (both sides)

  • Replace 2 rear wheel studs and lug nuts

  • Replace exhaust manifold / pipe gasket

  • Repair electrical connections (multiple)

  • Replace ignition coil

  • Replace points

  • Replace condenser

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Replace vacuum advance on distributor

  • Set timing

  • Oil change

  • Weld / patch rust holes in oil pan

  • Free up rusty / stuck components on winch


  • Replace ignition coil

  • Replace high tension wires (spark plug and coil wires)

  • Replace distributor cap

  • Replace rotor

  • Replace points

  • Replace condenser

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Replace battery (new)

  • Replace rear differential

  • Weld / patch rust holes in rear differential cover

  • Oil change

  • Installed auxiliary fuel pump

  • Adjust brakes (all four)


  • Replace distributor

  • Reseal main gasket on overdrive

  • Lubricate all grease fittings

  • Patch leaky roof

  • Install auxiliary driving lights (temporary)


  • Repair roof front roof brackets

  • Install safety tabs on top swivel pins

  • Replace o-rings on overdrive (stop oil leak)

  • Adjust parking brake

  • Oil change

  • Transmission oil change

Pulling Engine in New Jersey JUL20.JPG
Dirty Spark Plug.jpg
David Short Oxford Diff Moab 2020.JPG
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